Antennas & RF Engineering

We are involved in helping cutting-edge customers from government to industry OEM's to specify, model, simulate, characterize, design, build, and/or procure specialized antennas and waveguides for microwave and millimeter-wave communications in various bands and applications.

We also work with customers in special phased-array designs with appropriate high-speed signal processing support allowing us to create systems based on technologies like e.g. smart antennas, and TTD (true-time-delay) photonically fed phased arrays e.g. for next-generation airborne radar.

Our principals have pioneered the world's first 10.3Gbps wireless transceivers working at 140GHz and 94GHz and we bring knowhow from low-frequencies all the way to submillimeter waves. We can specify, architect, model, design, simulate, build, test, characterize, document and deliver prototypes of RF transceivers in any form or technology desired. We are particularly specialized in blending electro-optric (EO) techniques with classical RF engineering based on III-V technologies.

If you have a need in this area you should talk to us for a fresh perspective and some out-of-the-box thinking. Please Contact Us.

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