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Xstream Technologies LLC principals bring to the table some extraordinary expertise regarding communications security and information assurance, in both wired and wireless communications settings.

Regarding wired network security, we advise and guide customers about network intrusion, traffic monitoring and proactive defense  techniques. We insist on a dual emphasis i.e. on external as much as on internal dangers. Upon customer instructions we perform a situational analysis and can even conduct penetration testing to identify and document existing perceived weaknesses. We then elaborate a plan of action to comprehensively address the network's security shortcomings and handhold the customer to its implementation.

Regarding wireless security, we usually advise customers in two different types of environments:

(a) Corporate customers who want to introduce cellular, WLAN, or wireless broadband (WiFi, WiMax, LTE etc.) technology into their enterprise, company, or organization, and who need solid advice as to how to go about accomplishing their objective of secure communications, and

(b) Communication OEM's and government entities who design, deploy, and/or produce e.g. WLAN, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, LTE, land-mobile radio, satellite systems, or handheld devices where cutting-edge security needs to be embedded.


Organizations, companies and enterprises from all strata of the economy realize the tremendous potential that wireless connectivity can offer to their members. The increased value an organization can create on its operational or business model has attracted the attention of corporate managers and as a result wireless technologies are being introduced rapidly into numerous organizations with a plethora of operational objectives.

In most cases, however, managers find themselves confronted with a variety of issues ranging from not thoroughly understanding the technology, what it offers and what not, what it enables and what not, which vendors are predominant or promising and why, what is the current state-of-the-art and where the technology roadmap leads in the future, all the way to simply being able to synthesize and quantify the value of the proposition in order to build a business case supporting wireless deployment.

If you wonder what 802.11, or 802.16,b, or 802.20 is and what is the IAPP, the SSID, etc. or what the alphabet soup means between a plethora of acronyms like EAP, LEAP, PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, WPA, TKIP, AES-CCMP etc. then you need to talk to people who not only understand those technologies and how they perform, but who can also explain to you which ones you should be interested in and which ones to avoid and most importantly why.

Xstream Technologies has been helping corporate customers from small to very large organizations to understand wireless communications technologies and their inevitable security implications.

We offer our assistance and customized services from technology introduction, to analysis of needs, to handholding during the study of each possible context, to specification of requirements, to prescreening of pertinent inter-related technologies, to vendor approaching and selection, to full-fledged specification authoring, solution implementation, equipment and software procurement, deployment, installation supervision, project management and training.

If you are leading an enterprise and you are interested in what the latest wireless technologies can do for your organization, please contact Xstream Technologies. The REAL experts in the field!



Over the last couple of decades our principals have been involved with the design, implementation and delivery of a very wide range of advanced, very-high-speed wireless communications devices and systems, where real-time communications security has been a critical factor. The systems we have designed have been securing a wide range of contexts from secret corporate mergers and acquisitions transactions and from sensitive attorney-client discussions all the way to government covert operations and military tactics. We have experience in cutting edge security as implemented in desktop and mobile telephony, satellite systems, cellular technologies of four generations of technologies (GSM, TDMA, CDMA), as well as 2.5G (EDGE/GPRS, 1xRTT, EV-DO, etc.), 3G (UMTS, HSPA) and going forward to the recent entries in a broadband wireless (e.g. WiFi) and 4G setting (WiMax, LTE).

We are first-hand intimate with numerous cryptographic technologies (both US and foreign) used in such contexts and we can strongly advise our customers about solutions and design approaches that not only make sense but work. Our long experience can be safely put to work by saving our customers the danger of "learning by trial and error" as we have seen many approaches and we know what works and what not in each context, beyond what the standards may or may not have addressed yet.

We have many years of experience acquired by analyzing, attacking, designing, implementing and characterizing multitudes of embedded:
(a) random and pseudo-random number generation systems,
(b) stream- and block-ciphers for traffic encryption
(c) user and/or device authentication techniques and handshake- or resource- allocation protocols including multilevel security techniques for networks where public, confidential, and mission-critical or top-secret traffic must share the same network,
(d) session key establishment and exchange handshake protocols, and
(e) one-way-function-based integrity-preservation algorithms.

We have also been very involved in designing and evaluating multiple PKI approaches, sophisticated and scalable key distribution and management systems and networks used for the secure generation, control, distribution, validation, revocation, and recycling of cryptographic keys, etc. We are intimately familiar with techniques and methods used in a multitude of domestic US and international products and platforms all the way to cutting edge elliptic curve cryptography implemented in resource-constrained devices like e.g. smart cards, embedded processors, etc.

Our principals have implemented COMSEC systems in hardware and software using advanced VLSI & FPGA design and/or embedded software development based on the most modern approaches and disciplines and having worked closely with some of the best silicon foundries on the planet, like e.g. IBM Microelectronics.

We are very sensitive to the needs of the communications security (COMSEC) and information security (INFOSEC) disciplines and we are regularly advising customers as to how to properly proceed in a "murky" environment like security where a lot is promised and more than often designs are found lacking in robustness.

If you are an OEM with a product or solution idea in the wireless arena and you need cutting-edge help from the REAL experts in the wireless security field, then please contact us!


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