Our principals bring many years of expertise in areas of EO and IR imaging as well as in radar-based tracking sensors (synthetic aperture radar) including algorithm development and systems design. We have also many years of experience in developing EO/IR markets worldwide thanks to our excellent connections in the industry.

On the domestic side, in the recent years we have been involved in many aspects of researching feasibility and applicability of millimeter-wave and terahertz imaging and sensing systems in ground and airborne platforms for remote sensing and security (i.e. surveillance-intelligence-reconnaissance) applications.

We have also been very active in defining and pursuing cutting-edge opportunities of using electro-optic techniques for extremely-high-speed interconnection between advanced computation platforms (e.g. spaceborne systems, top-of-the-line server/mainframe backplanes, etc.), where copper links can be completely eliminated for much higher I/O performance and dramatically less power consumption.

We are intimately familiar with all technologies involved in both the generation, modulation, and detection of radiation in the optical IR, UV, millimeter and terahertz parts of the spectrum and we welcome opportunities for consulting engagements in this wide field.

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