During the last ~15 years technology has been evolving particularly rapidly across the board from wireless broadband and cellular communications all the way to computational platforms and advanced software. Companies are seemingly caught in a perpetual catch-up game. If management does not stay abreast of new developments and if it does not sense early on and correctly the next trend in new technology adoption, when instead one's competitors might, the result will most likely be loss of competitive advantage. In this cut-throat economy, one cannot let this happen.

Xstream Technologies LLC principals have long experience at the bleeding-edge of technology. We know how to spot a winning approach that is bound to make a difference and what to ignore as "background noise". We are active in developing and researching many aspects of these new technologies ourselves, so we know intimately and first-hand the associated intricacies. We can guide you through the maze of options and show you what strategic technology moves you must make in order to remain competitive and in order to enhance the efficiency of your technology operations all while supporting your over-riding long-term business goals. More than that, we will plan with you, we will train your people, and we will handhold your organization all the way, until the technology is introduced and deployed in your organization.

We have worked with clients to introduce  to their organizations multiple new technologies, from secure wireless local area networks, broadband wireless communications, and novel broadcasting techniques, to distributed computation platforms, reconfigurable computing, functional programming languages, advanced design/verification methods and tools, and semantic web ontologies, thereby revolutionizing their engineering culture and improving their performance and efficiency of operations.

We understand how things work under the hood and we can provide the best advice and guidance. We are vendor agnostic and standards-driven. If you are faced with technology challenges in one or more of the technology areas where we specialize, please contact us and see for yourself how we can help you!

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