Gain Spectacular Cost Reduction by Outsourcing Operations

Numerous companies have realized especially during the last several years that the global economy trends in the high-tech industry now require more than ever before that drastic measures be taken in order to gain or even preserve competitiveness.

In an increasingly competitive environment where pressure on management is over-abundant to rapidly penetrate new markets, to develop quickly differentiable products, to expand market share, to achieve profitability sooner rather than later, and to produce the lowest-cost but highest-quality product in the market while continuously reducing the operations cost, is an absolute MUST.

In order to achieve this goal, however, high-tech companies must ensure that they switch aspects or the totality of projects or even whole teams and/or divisions over to overseas groups that have the relevant experience, the cutting-edge skills, the sophisticated expertise, the work ethic, as well as the local management structure and supervision culture that allows the work to be done on time and within budget. By that, we mean a budget that is MUCH SMALLER than what the company currently spends for similar work.

Many of the largest players in the industry have already realized this trend and the massive reorganization of their engineering operations has been a key topic of the trade journals and major newspapers.

This can be done for small to medium enterprises, as well. Xstream Technologies has set up an elaborate infrastructure based on work our principals have done over the last couple of decades that allows our customers to outsource their software and prototype-hardware design-and-building processes overseas to extremely qualified teams that we put in place, for as long as our customers want.

We can help you outsource one or more projects, one or more complete product lines, thereby, besides engineering, also performing product lifetime management services. We can do it for a certain amount of time, or permanently, as you feel is needed and justified.

We interface with our customers directly wherever they are ensuring the right communication takes place avoiding confusion and misinterpretation. We then create together the requirements of the project and obtain an agreement of what needs to be done. Subsequently we take complete responsibility of both the actual implementation and project management, ultimately delivering a turnkey solution, as if our customers had such a team in their own premises. We of course provide periodic reports of progress and continue the day-to-day interfacing with the appropriate departments and executives of our customer's organization to ensure compatibility with other wider aspects of engineering that our customer chooses to retain for in-house implementation. This way our work fits exactly into a larger picture of what our customers want to accomplish.

We have hands-on experience in many areas of embedded software development, massive hierarchical and/or relational database design, client-server structured applications, switching and routing firmware, cryptography, device driver development,semantic web applications, digital signal processing, compression, image processing, streaming multimedia, Internet protocols, cellular telephony protocol stack implementation, IEEE 802.11 and 802.16 architecture implementation, etc. We also do various (or all) aspects of ASIC, SoC, FPGA, and printed-circuit board designs and verification up to multigigabits/second speeds.

We can provide a huge help to your organization by offering an outsourced world-class engineering team at a mere fraction of the domestic cost.

Please contact us so we can discuss how we can help you attain a competitive advantage by reliably outsourcing part of your engineering needs.

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