Technical Business Development

Our principals have accumulated literally decades of very successful trail-blazing technical business development in the Americas, Europe, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia, including Israel and the Middle East.

Areas of expertise include: RF and wireless communications, optical communications, integrated optics, electro-optic modulators, optical interconnects, millimeter-wave and terahertz imaging, radar-based tracking and imaging sensors, EO/IR cameras, threat-warning systems, avionics, navigation and guidance systems, UAV- airborne and space-based surveillance-intelligence-reconnaissance platforms, and advanced terrestial communication systems.

We work by introducing companies to potential large (usually global) OEM partners where there is an identifiable potential that remains largely unsatisfied with alternative traditional technologies. We usually enter into these large accounts from the top down largely thanks to our numerous high-level connections and we work our technical sales activity bottom up managing the whole account context while identifying where can be done what, and how strategic issues may have to be dealt with (e.g. dealing with the classical Non-Invented-Here syndrome, or the "inside politics" that may inevitably hinder the progress of your cause within an account etc.)

We also visit trade shows worldwide or intensively research potential competitor companies while scouting market activity and while shaping your unique technology advantages and differentiating factors.

We are not just "selling". By being extremely technical in our approach we bring you back validated applicability know-how and customer feedback, both technical and commercial, which your engineers can use to refine/tune your existing products or to think of new ones, and which your product managemers can use to rethink their business or operations plans and their product development roadmaps, etc. When at some point we hand over the business development work to your own people, you will find out that we will have already "trained" your people in identifying opportunities and cultivating new large accounts using our methods and approach.

Our involvement in your business-building efforts is a true investment in your own success. We unearth opportunity and potential where others simply would not see any.

We usually structure our services in this realm initially as a retained effort, whereby we are paid according to the time we spend. On certain occasions we may agree to negotiate an arrangement whereby we get compensated by a mutually pre-agreed-upon percentage of the business we help generate.

If you have business development needs in these advanced technology areas, we can definitely be of significant help to you.

We like to picture ourselves as the "Marines" who are usually the first ones to be called upon for the assault on a new unknown or hostile beachfront, for the securing of a safe landing area, so that subsequently the regular infantry will be able to disembark in large numbers in order to conclude the main invasion.

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