Technology Expertise

(i) to Investment Bankers and Venture Capital Firms for Due Diligence on high-tech investment opportunities and

(ii) for Patent Litigation


A significant part of our work is devoted to offering cutting-edge technology expertise services (i) to the investment community for their conducting of due diligence operations on new investment opportunities in the high-tech arena and (ii) to clients who need to engage into patent-related litigation and who consequently need domain-specific technical expertise.

Technology areas where we have expertise and where our services have been retained include:

- High-speed telecommunications (land-based and wireless RF or optical) for voice, video, or data, including semiconductor diode lasers electro-optical modulation, integrated optics, and optical interconnects
- Communications systems (switches, routers, switching fabrics, optical, microwave, fiberoptic amplifiers)
- Wireless handsets GSM/UMTS/CDMA/WCDMA and smartphone internals
- WiFi, WiMax, LTE
- Microwave and satellite systems
- Handheld computing devices
- High-speed network adapter cards implementing specific protocols and/or techniques all the way to 100GbE
- Advanced communications and information security (cryptographic technologies, authentication, protocols, biometrics, key management systems, etc.)
- Software-defined radio (SDR)
- Cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum allocation (DSA) systems
- Digital signal processing algorithms and systems implementing them
- Airborne EO and thermal (FLIR) imaging systems
- Synthetic-aperture radar imaging
- Terahertz- and millimeter-wave-based sensing
- Hyperspectral imaging
- Airborne laser-threat warning systems and anti-missile protection
- Image-intensification systems for military night vision
- Neural networks, and mchine-learning artificial intelligence-based operations & systems
- VLSI chip design, SoC (system on a Chip) and NoC (Network on a Chip) architectures
- Reconfiugurable computing (advanced FPGAs)
- Embedded software-based systems.

During the performance of these services, on the investment-related due diligence side we work on behalf of and closely with both investment bankers and classical venture-capital firms as well as with high-net-worth individual investors from the traditional "angel" circuits.

On the patent litigation side, we work with industrial clients and/or law firms who must prosecute or defend specific patent claims for a negotiated settlement or for a judgment in front of a court of law.

On the investment-related due diligence side, our services are very varied and they include patent and prior art research as well as very comprehensive and rigorous invention/technology/business-model evaluation. Our efforts start from a thorough and objective study of the investment opportunity and they end with a comprehensive report of our findings and our recommendation.

In the course of our engagement, we conduct thorough technical interviews with founders and executives or professionals from the targeted entity and we spend time reviewing, studying and discussing technical or business material that is provided to us usually in the context of highly confidential discussions as requested by our customers. Knowing the importance of thoroughness in due diligence, we can also perform 3rd-party verification of submitted technical credentials and of all technical information provided to us. This way we corroborate all information and findings in order to provide peace of mind to our customers.

We have been working with some of the most prominent and sophisticated players in the global investment banking and venture-capital arenas and by the mere fact that we ourselves have been successful start-up entrepreneurs who have raised tens of millions of dollars on multiple occasions including public IPO's, we know very well how to be of help to you.

We fluently speak your financial language and we can mitigate the uncertainty factor surrounding advanced technology evaluations from your investment decision checklist.

On the patent litigation side, we provide technology expertise, which usually takes the form of studying in depth confidential documentation of either one or both parties involved in the process, independent research of the validity of claims and analysis of positions, compilation of a full-fledged report that reflects our expert opinion, and of course our services continue all the way towards presenting and defending our opinion in front of multiple parties and testifying in court.

If you are looking for help in either one of these two areas of our practice, please contact us!

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